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The indica genes are dominant in Super OG Master Kush, a three-way cross of Super Kush, OG Kush, and Master Kush (exact sativa/indica ratio unclear). This strain is said to be very potent, though there are few public reports on its THC levels. The same is true of CBD concentrations, which are reportedly lower than 1%, too low to recommend Super OG Master Kush as medication for severe epilepsy or other conditions that require CBD treatments. But it is known to be an effective form of relief for patients who suffer from anxiety, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, GI symptoms, and everyday stress. It’s perfect for both encouraging hunger and treating upset stomach. The high is a blend of calming, euphoric body buzz and potent psychoactive effects. Super OG Master Kush has a citrus flavor and a dank smell of pine needles. The huge buds are bright green with gold hues, orange hairs, and a layer of frosty trichomes. This strain may produce side effects including cottonmouth and watery eyes, though details are scarce. In the United States, Super OG Master Kush sells almost exclusively in Southern California.

THC: 13-18%

CBD: 1%

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  • Flavors: Citrus
  • Effect: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing
  • May Relieve: Anxiety, Loss of Appetite, Muscle Spasms, Stress

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1 gram, 1 oz


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