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    Sky Cake is a cross of Rocky Mountain Blueberry Kush and LSD. With its large, tightly-wound nugs, this popular hybrid cultivar features an expert trim, ample trichome coverage, and a mottled green palette with rusty orange pistils. Upon opening the bag, the odors are subdued at first, but once you break up the buds, the tantalizing aromas fully reveal themselves as sweet notes of cream and fuel greet the nose. Sky Cake makes for a silky-smooth smoke with floral flavors and a hint of gas on the exhale. Sky Cake brings on an energizing and uplifting buzz that will soothe your body and mind, but be warned— it might end with you raiding the fridge! Overall, Sky Cake is a well-balanced hybrid that will do you good at any time of day.

    THC – 26%


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